• Bosch Dishwasher Cutlery Basket To Fit 45cm Slimline Models

Genuine replacement cutlery basket for your dishwasher.

Suitable for the following appliances:

Siemens SF24260GB/02, SF24260GB/04, SF64660GB/02, SF64660GB/04, SR23305GB/18, SR23305GB/19,

Bosch SMS4052GB/01, SPI5320GB/01, SPI5320GB/06, SPI5320GB/07, SPI5320GB/09, SPI5320GB/11, SPI5320GB/13, SPI53225/01, SPI53225/06, SPI53225/07, SPI53225/09, SPI53225/11, SPI53225/13, SPI5430GB/01, SPI5430GB/02, SPI5430GB/03, SPI5430GB/04, SPI5430GB/06, SPI5432GB/01, SPI5432GB/02, SPI5432GB/03, SPS2032GB/01, SPS2100GB/00, SPS2100GB/01, SPS2100GB/06, SPS2100GB/07, SPS2102GB/00, SPS2102GB/01, SPS2102GB/06, SPS2102GB/07, SPS2102GB/10, SPS2102GB/11, SPS2102GB/13, SPS2432GB/01, SPS2432GB/03, SPS2462GB/18, SPS2462GB/19, SPS5021GB/01, SPS5021GB/06, SPS5021GB/07, SPS51225/01, SPS51225/06, SPS51225/07, SPS51225/11, SPS51225/13, SPS5432GB/01, SPS5432GB/03, SPS5462GB/18, SPS5462GB/19, SPS6122GB/01, SPS6122GB/06, SPS6122GB/07, SPS6432GB/01, SPS6432GB/03, SPS6432GB/04, SPS6432GB/05, SPS6432GB/06, SPS6432GB/07, SPS6462GB/06, SPV4503GB/05, SPV4503GB/06, SRS4002GB/01, SRS4302GB/02, SRS4302GB/04, SRS5602GB/02, SRS5602GB/04, SRV4603GB/02, SRV4603GB/04,

Neff S4152W0RK/08, S4152W0RK/11, S4152W0RK/14, S4152W0TC/11, S4152W0TC/14, S4152W0TC/21, S4732B1GB/01, S4732B1GB/02, S4732B1GB/03, S4752W0GB/01, S4752W0GB/06, S4752W0GB/07, S4752W0GB/11, S4752W0GB/13, S4840X0GB/05, S4840X0GB/06, S5946X0GB/02, S5946X0GB/04,

Baumatic BHD45 

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Bosch Dishwasher Cutlery Basket To Fit 45cm Slimline Models

  • Brand: Bosch
  • Product Code: 093986
  • £17.99

Tags: bosch dishwasher cutlery basket to fit 45cm slimline models, 093986, bosch, cutlery basket


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